Employment and why is it important?

Responsibility is a fundamental factor in the formation of any individual. It is also an indicator of maturity or lack thereof!

One of the important components of any addiction is the loss of a person’s sense of responsibility for something and the complete replacement of life values.

That is: no matter what the addicted person takes up, the task will either collapse immediately or will not be completed! The same is true in therapy – because of the inability to be responsible, addicts give up treatment for a long time, and when they agree, they are ready to give up everything at the beginning.

It is for these reasons that a responsible activity (job placement) is essential in post-inpatient adaptation.

We pay a lot of attention to this. Our graduates have the opportunity to undergo several types of training, for example:

  • School of chemical dependence;
  • The School of Social Worker;
  • School for psychologists;
  • School of Art Therapist.

Thanks to all stages of such socialization, a person’s personality is formed quite quickly, and values change as well. A person has the opportunity to build his life without using it, while achieving success!