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Gambling has become the meaning of life – how to recognize a ludomania and what to do

Gambling has become the meaning of life

Most gamblers are unaware of their addiction…

The desire to go to the casino, buy a lottery ticket or try the slot machine is not necessarily a sign of ludomania. But if the desire to play becomes intrusive and can not switch, it is likely to be a problem.

You become a gambler when you do not control your desires and, more importantly, the behavior during the game. Addiction will make you spit on the hole in your family budget, relationships with loved ones, reputation at work. Perhaps you will do things that you seem unable to do: decide to steal, scam, robbery, collect dozens of credits in dubious offices.

How to recognize a player

Gamer - Player

In the International Classification of Ludomania Diseases

(lat. ludo – play + dr.-grech. mania – passion, madness) refers to hidden diseases, because it has no obvious physical signs. Often people do not realize for years that their close friend or even family member suffers from gambling addiction. The easiest way to test a person for ludomania is to watch him while playing.

The symptoms of “gambling” addiction are visible when a person:

  • often thinks and talks about games, hiking in casinos, lotto, online games, etc.;
  • refuses to communicate with family and friends who suspect something wrong;
  • withdraws from work, home and social responsibilities in favor of the game;
  • steals property or money to pay off debts or make a bet;
  • sells his property for the same purpose;
  • ignores bills and other financial obligations;
  • denies his actions or underestimates the problem;
  • does not control his or her behavior during the game;
  • lying, hiding or in any other way covering up his dependence.

How to understand that you are a beginner ludomania and it is important for you to stop right now:

  • you are unable to control your behavior and desire to play;
  • you’re hiding your addiction from friends and family;
  • you’re gambling money for other purposes;
  • you don’t settle down until you’re down to a penny;
  • you want to give it up, but it’s like circumstances make you sit at the game.

Ludomania: what is a myth and what is pure truth

Myth: there is no addiction if a person does not play every day.

True: like in alcoholism, gambling is very frequent. Once a day, once a week, once a month, under stress, every financial arrival, etc.

Even if you play irregularly, ludomania can cause financial, legal or social problems.

Myth: Ludomaniacs are those who can’t afford to play games.

True: addiction develops both with and without free money. In any situation, social life suffers, do not be deceived.

Myth: Ludomans are affected by the behavior of their partners.

True: It’s no more than just another excuse from the addict. Thus, a person tries to take responsibility for what happens. The partner may have nothing to do with it. Most often it happens so.

Fight against Ludomania

In its essence, gambling addiction is no different from drug or alcohol abuse, so the treatment methods are standard.

  • The first is to open the player’s eyes to the world around him. Understanding that life without eternal debt and gambling frustration is better, it seems healthy man ordinary. For the gambler, it will be a real discovery.
  • You can not forbid to play too hard. At the first opportunity, a person will break down and let go into all the heavy. It is more prudent to gradually reduce the amount intended for the game.
  • It is important that the player plan their own expenses (within the agreed amount). Gradually, the bet will be reduced to a minimum and will move from the category of problems to the category of ordinary entertainment. It is much easier to give them up.
  • Very useful will be a new hobby, even better – in the company of close people. Our brain, switching attention, is able to “forget” about almost everything. An interesting task will make the workaholic voluntarily forget about sleep and food, and the player – the old hobby. Interest and excitement appear in any business if you like it. It can be anything: fishing, sports, studying a particular topic, books, movies, gardening – and endless “and so on.
  • Do not refuse to talk to the ludomania on the games. If you don’t find support, you will quickly shut yourself away, and addiction will begin to progress.
  • In particularly neglected cases, it makes sense to contact a specialist. On a course of psychotherapy, the gambler will help to understand where the problem came from and why to get rid of it so difficult. The same specialist will help psychologically recover and return to social life faster.

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